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    Pudovkin Producer Centre  represents the author, the composer, actor Gleb Matveychuk and his solo program «Great hits of three centuries»

    The official website -  http://glebmusic.com or http://glebmusic.ru


    The solo programme in St.Petersburg on February 16. 2017:



    Gleb has two higher educations:

    Moscow  Shchepkin Higher Theatre School
    Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory (vocal department)


    Popular theater actor:

    The section "The roles"

    «Jesus Christ Superstar» (Mossovet Moscow Theatre)

    Gleb plays  the leading part of Jesus Christ



    «Monte Cristo» (Operetta Moscow Theatre)

    Gleb plays Fernan



    «Dr.Jekyll & и Mr. Hyde» (Mossovet Moscow Theatre)

    Gleb plays lawyer John Utterson

    «Territory of Passion» (Estrada Moscow Theatre)

    Gleb plays Chevalier Dunsany



    «Master & Margarita» (Russia Song Theatre)

    Gleb plays two leading parts of Master & Yeshua (Jesus Christ prototype)



    «Confession» (St.Petersburg, 2016)

    Gleb plays the lieutenant of the Tsarist Army



    Well-known composer:

    - Music for Russian movies: «Admiral», «A New Earth», «Stone Head», «About Love», « Yaroslav», «Chkalov», «To Kill Stalin» and many others…

    The section "Music for movies"

     - Music for music theater plays: «A Dog In The Manger», «Waiting Hall», «Territory of Passion».

    - Music to Ice Arena Show «The Wizard of OZ».

    The section "Music for the Theatre"


    Gleb took part in the famous TV show:

    The section “TV projects”

    - One of six finalists and winners of TV vocal reality-show “Russian tenors” in Los-Angeles, CTC Russia, 2009

    - Triumphal victory in the popular music TV show «Two Stars», the First channel, Russia, 2013

    - Caruso -         - My Heart Will Go On -           - All videos -



    - The prize of viewers’ sympathies in TV project "Exact Copy", the First channel, Russia, 2014

    - Pavarotti’s image -      – Farinelli’s image -      - Leps’s image -      – Klaus Meine’s image, Scorpions -

    - All videos -



    Gleb Matveychuk. One actor and million voices.



    - The leader of TV show “Live Sound. Spring Season” and “Live Sound. Fight of Titans”, TV channel "Russia", 2014

    - Chistye Prudy -      - I Will Always Love You -        - Madonna -        - All videos -


    - The leader of TV show "Exact Copy. Superseason", the First channel, Russia, 2016

    A.Netrebko's image -      - Franzl Lang's image -      – Ozzy Osbourne's image -

    - All videos -



    - Participation in International Art Festival “Slavic Bazaar in Vitebsk”,  2014, 2015

    - "Voice" -        - «Alleluia» -          - «Dunsany’s aria» -         - All videos -


    Gleb Matveychuk actively performs own songs, combining work at theatre, concert performances and participation in many television projects as the anchorman.


    Gleb Matveychuk. I'll kiss you. D.Maydanov's jubilee concert - 2017



    You can to listen to Gleb’s vocal compositions here:

    - Author’s compositions -            - Vocal repertoire -


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